Moderna hopes to start COVID-19 vaccine studies with kids


ATLANTA, Ga. (WJBF) – As several vaccines sit with the FDA for approval including Pfizer and Moderna, the big question looms about vaccine trials with for children and how safe a vaccine would be for kids.

Doctors say while online classes are a temporary fix kids will need to go back to the classroom, for their well being and social development, and that a fully tested vaccine is imperative to get children back to schools safely.

This week, Moderna announced plans to start vaccine trials for kids between the ages of 12 and 17.

Dr. Evan Anderson said, “Children are frequently infected and they can suffer life threatening complications from COVID-19.”

According to clinical trials, around 3,000 kids will get 2 doses of the vaccines over the course of a month.

Dr. Evan Anderson Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta said, “What would happen is that in the early phase trials,  we would start with the low dose and then work up to the adult dose if the initial tolerability exists, and then slowly work down the ages to younger and younger children.”

Doctors want more minority kids enrolled in the study — because Hispanic and African American children are at greater risk for complications.

Dr. Evan Anderson said, “There is a substantial mortality with COVID-19 and it’s approaching the level of influenza.”

Dr. Aneesh Mehta Infectious Disease Professor, Emory University said, “There is on going work to evaluate how safe is in younger patients. There are younger patients younger than 12 with covid19 and we’d like to have effective therapy for them as well.”

Dr. Evan Anderson said, “Children can transmit a number of virus. Initially, there was thought they could not  transmit COVID-19 to adults but it’s apparent with outbreaks in camps and schools.”

Health experts say the vaccine study in kids will provide vital clues like how many doses children need, plus how the strong doses need to be.

According to clinical trial gov, the goal of the Moderna vaccine study is to have results before the end of June 2022.

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