AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s clear that with the virus going around we have gained some new accessories. These face mask but with these new accessories come new issues.

Dr. Loretta Davis, Chief of the Dermatology Department at the Medical College of Georgia, tells us how to avoid some of those problems.

“I’ve seen multiple people coming in with complaints of little red bumps or maybe it’s their acne flaring or rosario flaring or even have a staff infection. A lot of people carry staff infection in their noses so maybe they need a little antibacterial action.”

As summer temperatures are steady on the raise and mask mandates are extended. It’s important to consider some of these things when wearing your mask.

“Make sure that it is a comfortable material. 100 percent cotton so you can breath and less stiffing under the mask. Picking the right material.”

Dr. Davis says that, thanks to COVID, the department has seen an increase of patients.

“Some people become allergic to elastic that wraps around your ears. Some people become allergic to the nose piece that clips around your nose.”

Consider washing and moisturizing your face throughout the day to keep your skin clean.

“You might choose a cream over a lotion because creams are more moisturizing. You can look for ingredients like zinc-oxide for example, which is what they put in baby diaper rash medicine. “

Be mindful of what you are putting on your face as somethings can be more of an irritant.

“I would tell women don’t wear makeup under your mask. If you layer concealer and foundation and all that stuff. It’s going to trap heat and clog pores.”

You and your skin might be under pressure because of the mask.