AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Augusta University Health is mourning one of its own. Yolanda Coar worked at the Medical Center for 13 years. She lost life her life to COVID-19. Dr. Phillip Coule remembers Yolanda as a leader in the hospital and the community.

“She was a nurse leader, and she was one of those people who was positive in her life,” said Dr. Coule. “In terms of her positive influence on people.”

Coar was remembered as a nurse manager in charge of caring for more than 40 patients a day. Over the weekend, Yolanda died after battling coronavirus.

“The team has been working so incredibly hard to save others from COVID-19,” said Dr. Coule. “To lose a team member from it is difficult for us.”

There is a certain willingness to sacrifice by these men and women who are tasked to keep us safe. The Chief Medical Officer and Vice President says this virus attacks people differently.

“This is an unfortunate reminder in the community that this virus is real, and it affects real people every day,” explained Dr. Coule.

Dr. Coule says Yolanda’s death is a tremendous loss for the team. But he says her legacy will live on at AU as they continue to go by her motto “Be Exceptional!”

“The team is doing well,” said Dr. Coule. “Like any other challenge this incredible team faces every day, they pull together, support each other, and ensure each other we are going to get through this.”

AU is planning something to honor and celebrate the life of Yolanda Coar. Details of that event are still in the works.