AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Chief Medical Officer at AU Health, Dr. Phillip Coule, told NewsChannel 6 of a possible shortage at AU health with only two thousand COVID vaccine doses left for the month of August. More vaccines are on the way to AU Medical Center, according to Dr. Coule, after WJBF contacted the Georgia Department of Public Health.

When NewsChannel 6 reached out to the Georgia Department of Public Health, we were told, “Inventory in Georgia is sufficient at this time,” and that AU orders vaccines based on their needs.

Representatives from University Hospital and the Charlie Norwood VA say they have sufficient supply and are not experiencing any vaccine shortage.

After NewsChannel 6’s inquiry to GDPH, Augusta University says GDPH reached out and there are more doses on the way. Another order will be placed in September.

Dr. Coule says they are prepared to get more shots in arms as the number of cases and hospitalizations continue to climb.

“People with other conditions may not realize that right now it’s difficult for us to take care of heart attack victims and stroke victims because we’re so overwhelmed with these unvaccinated COVID patients,” Dr. Coule said. “If we were just dealing with vaccinated people, we wouldn’t have a problem right now.”

AU Health holds mass vaccine clinics periodically where they vaccinate up to one thousand people per day. Dr. Coule says he hopes those who are fearful about getting the shot will change their minds.

“You’re 32 times more likely to get struck by lightning than you are to have a serious adverse event from a COVID-19 vaccine,” Dr. Coule said.