100 Black Men of Augusta resume Covid-19 community tour in the CSRA


North Augusta- The 100 Black Men of Augusta, is restarting its Covid-19 community tour.

Saturday, they were in North Augusta offering free Covid tests. One member says they’re looking to educate the community on the importance of getting tested even after receiving your covid-19 vaccine.

“We’re providing awareness for it because a lot of people just don’t know,” said Dr. Justin Moore.

Dr. Moore is an epidemiologist at Augusta University. He’s also the leader of the health and wellness division for the 100 Black Men of Augusta. He says the organization is bringing healthcare access for communities that may go overlooked.

“In terms of access and opportunity, so when we first started this, one of the issues that the 100 recognized was that there weren’t a lot of free testing areas that were in the community you could go to AU and go through the drive-thru, but contingent upon what your insurance status was, employment status was, you may or may not have the ability to be tested for free,”said Dr. Moore.

But it doesn’t stop there. The 100 Black Men of Augusta are also educating people in underserved communities about COVID-19 health and wellness regarding COVID-19 to those underserved communities. That includes getting the vaccine.

“We have goodie bags; we have cards that basically show where you can get registered to get a vaccine, you can go to Walgreens, you can go to a Kroger,  you can go to a CVS, you can go to Publix, you can go to certain churches and actually get it. We have that information,” said

Dr. Moore says there’s been a hesitancy among younger African Americans to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

“The ones who are more willing to get the vaccine, the median age is 60-years-old, those who are neutral the median age is 46-years-old, and those who are most hesitant are 30-year-olds, so you see this trend age, age is definitely a factor, but I think it’s conceived risks, those who are younger, their social network is probably more robust with people who haven’t had a severe illness from Covid-19, haven’t seen someone die or get really sick from it so. Therefore, they don’t necessarily see the importance as much as those who are older,” said Dr. Moore.

But they are making strides to reach those younger demographics. The organization’s leaders and partners also want people to continue getting tested, even after receiving their vaccines.

Brandon Dodson, Pastor at Clark Hill Baptist Church, “The next step is to be a vaccination site so that people can come here and get vaccinated, and again just because you’ve received the vaccine already, we still encourage people to get tested. 

The 100 Black Men of Augusta had two sites running on Saturday and will continue to host these sites at different CSRA locations.

Below is a list of sites the organization is planning to visit next.

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