AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Saturday, people from around the community will gather for the Miracle Mile Walk.

The walk not only spreads awareness but it also raises funds so people can get screenings for breast cancer.

A Piedmont Augusta, Breast Health Nurse Navigators are there to help when breast cancer is diagnosed.

“We sit down and we go over the pathology report, in depth explaining what kind of cancer you have, what grade it is, what the receptors are, what your plan is, what your next step is, answer any questions you might have,” said Breast Health Nurse Navigator, Lesley Hill.

A big part of what Breast Health Nurse Navigators do is education.

“We help patients overcome barriers to care, so another way we do that is identify issues that they may be having, whether they’re financial of giving back and forth to appointments of emotional issues we can help with,” said Breast Health Nurse Navigator, Kelly Cashin.

Helping with emotional support is another big part of what they do.

“Lesley and I are kind of like your friends in the Breast Health Center that are there to walk with you throughout the process of your breast cancer journey. We’re here all the time for our patients to call if they have any questions or concerns, if they aren’t feeling right after their procedure and they just want to know if this is normal, we’re there to reassure them or to help them get help if that’s what they need,” said Cashin.

“I tell my patients if you need to call and just cry on the phone to somebody and get it out that’s fine call me,” said Hill.

Both navigators are thankful to be able to help patients through such a difficult time.

“It’s very rewarding thing for me. I don’t know how to put it in to words honestly,” said Hill.
And they’re thankful for event like the Miracle Mile Walk.

“We are so thankful for all that the Miracle Mile does to help bring resources to our patients and it fills so many needs for our patients to help them through their breast cancer process,” said Cashin.