AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- We continue sharing the stories of women who have fought for their lives against breast cancer and won.

“I knew something was wrong months before I went to have it checked out.”

Before her diagnosis Sharon Henderson was just a wife, mother, daughter, grandmother and friend. And 11 years later, she still remains who she is, but now “superwoman” can be added to that list.

“I just tried to stay strong for my family because I knew if I felt– they were looking at me and I had to keep them encouraged,” Henderson said.

It was a rare form of cancer called HER2 Hormone Positive Metastatic breast cancer. But Henderson says she couldn’t have won her battle without support. “I went through surgery, chemo and radiation. But even through that process I knew that I had people supporting me. You also have to find it in yourself to just, you have to keep fighting.” 

Henderson believes even on the days where it was a little harder for her, it was important to have something to look forward to. “It’s easy to say ‘oh I don’t feel well’ and people will allow you to feel that way. And then on the days that I did feel good, I loved to shop, so after chemo I would go to the mall– some weekends my sisters would come and we’d go to the outlet…”

But while some moments were made special through her journey, Henderson remembers when it first got scary. 

“I knew something was wrong months before I had it checked out. So, for a lot of women who are going through that, that’s that fear of the unknown, not wanting to know, but knowing if you don’t get it check out… you know.”

Now she stresses the importance of early detection and regular checkups. “Early detection is key, that’s the important thing. So for me, I took about nine months before I actually got up the nerve to go to the doctor and it was only because I was looking at my granddaughter and I said if I don’t  go and get this checked out, then I won’t be here…”

“Go get checked out. I know so many women are being diagnosed and we’re still losing women to breast cancer, so get checked please.” 

The annual Miracle Mile Walk will take place Saturday, October 21 at 9 a.m. at the Augusta Common.