GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF) — Students at Grovetown Elementary got a chance to see into the future at the inaugural Forecast Your Future Career Day.

The event saw students from Grovetown and Harlem High Schools present display booths representing each of the career pathways available to students in the Columbia County School District.

“I think it’s really important for us to use high school students. As an elementary student you can really relate to someone that’s closer to your age rather than someone who is already in the profession. It’s preparing our students to make choices when they go into high school, and that they’re prepared for the next step,” said Principal Valerie Allen.

Students were excited to find out more about all the careers that were on display.

“I’ve experienced that I could become anything I want, like JROTC, I can help build myself up, become stronger, and have friends and have fun there,” said Mya Jennings.

“A lot of them might say I want to be a doctor, I want to be a nurse or a veterinarian, some might even say a football player. So I just introduce them to that program and let them know that, this tells you you can be whatever you want. It’s not just doctors and nurses, we have physician assistant, nurse practitioners, x-ray technicians, all that, ” said Senior, Delvin Wearrien.

Not only was this an educational experience for the elementary students but the High Schoolers were learning as well.

“Our high school students are getting an opportunity to share their communication skills, and their soft skills to prepare them for when they go to college interviews or an interview on a job at the next level,” said Allen.

The inaugural Forecast Your Future Career Day was a success and now students of all ages are more prepared for their next chapter.

“They get to see all these different careers and it’s just great to give them a good knowledge of what they can be,” said Wearrien.

“You get to know what you can do when you grow up, and it helps you get prepared for what you need to do,” said Jennings.

And the elementary students are thankful for everyone that came out and shared their knowledge.

“Thank you for everything and I can see that y’all have a great future coming up for y’all,” said Jennings.