“Faith Not Fear:” Martinez couple makes and delivers crosses


The “Faith Not Fear” movement has gone viral. You have probably seen all the crosses in front yards and the numbers are growing as we head into Easter weekend.

NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Osborne talked to a Columbia County couple making and delivering crosses all over town.

“Over the weekend, we did like everybody, we did yard work,” says Travis Rimmer who lives in Martinez.

Travis and his wife Katrina Rimmer added more than just fresh mulch and new flowers to their yard last weekend.

“We put a cross up, a pretty big one. She had posed it on Facebook,” Travis says while pointing to his wife. “I got to noticing comments from people needing crosses.”

So Travis started started building crosses with scraps of wood he already had at their house.

“I built 50 crosses and before I had them built, she already had them all given away,” Travis says.

On Monday, the Rimmers ran out of wood, but not faith.

“We put it in God’s hands and if he was going to provide more wood,” Travis says. “Then I got a call from one of the wood suppliers we work for and asked me what size I needed. He cut them all up for me and all I had to do was pick them up.”

Both Mulherin Lumber Company and Duckworth Development donated wood. Travis and Katrina emphasized that they could not have done this without these companies.

“We love what they do in and for this community,” Katrina said about the local businesses.

With the donations from Mulherin Lumber and Duckworth Development, the Rimmer’s made 270 crosses in 4 days. Many of the crosses, the Rimmer’s delivered themselves.

“She was the real hero in all that,” Travis says about his wife, “because she had a list this long and a map to go around in a circle. We delivered from like 5 o’clock to 9:30 on Monday and then got up and did it all over again on Tuesday.”

They delivered almost a dozen crosses to Irene Niven who is a nurse at Augusta University. Niven brought the crosses to other nurses she works with so they could put crosses in their yards as well.

“This is such a big encouragement to us nurses with COVID going on that they are bringing us crosses just to bring us some encouragement,” Rimer says. “I told Katrina when I get home after a hard day, it’s just nice to see the cross in my yard lit up.”

Neither Travis nor Katrina wants any credit. In fact, NewsChannel 6 had to talk them into doing the story after someone who they do not even know, contacted our newsroom about them.

“We’ve had strangers, because we’ve placed them in our front yard, who have walked up and have said, ‘how much are you charging for these things?’ And we’re like, ‘we’re not charging anything’ and they’re like oh my goodness can I please get one and I said absolutely,” Katrina says about their interactions with people they had never met before this week.

When asked why they wanted to do this, the couple got emotional.

“I’ll just cry so i don’t really know what to say,” Travis began. “It’s just love. God laid it on our hearts to do it. It’s what we put our faith in so it’s just amazing to see other people doing it too. It’s really what the Good News is about. It’s the Gospel.”

The Rimmer’s stress that they do not want any money. If you do feel inclined to give, they ask you to donate to one of these ministries:

“We just really hope that more people will come to know Christ through this virus so and that’s what our mission in this is, it’s to point others to Jesus,” Katrina says.

The Rimmers continue to make more crosses. If you would like one, you can reach out to Katrina on Facebook. CLICK HERE to go to her page.

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