#VIDEO|FL cold snap causes iguanas to fall from trees

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FLORIDA (CNN) – Miami’s chilly weather forecast is certainly interesting….cold, with a chance of falling iguanas.

Temperatures dropped to drop below 45 degrees overnight in south Florida.

That’s cold enough for iguanas to go into a dormant stage.

They don’t die — but they become very still… and likely to fall out of the trees where they sleep.

That could pose a hazard for the people and cars under them.

Some residents say this may be a good opportunity to eliminate some of the lizards.

Florida’s wildlife policies encourage landowners to humanely kill iguanas they find on their properties.

That’s because the reptile is considered an invasive species that is not native to the habitat.

Wild Iguanas were first reported in Florida in the 1960’s.

Their numbers have grown rapidly since then — despite the occasional cold snap.

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