AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – Overcrowded animal shelters across South Carolina are participating in the ten day adoption event, “Pick Me!”

“It’s all different shelters across the state because we are all kind of in the same predicament. We are all full,” Friends of the Animal Shelter program coordinator, Kathy Jacobs said.

From June 18-27, some adoption fees are waived, and others reduced. Kittens are $10.

“We’re trying to remove any barrier that we would have for an adoption, really,” Jacobs said.

For some, summer family fun doesn’t include the family pet, which means some animals find their way to the shelter.

Photos courtesy of ACAS.

“This is a time when people start to travel, and they’re not really into the adoption, but unfortunately this is our highest intake time of the year,” Jacobs said.

At the Aiken County Animal Shelter, all 84 kennels are full of animals looking for their forever families.

“It’s not their fault that they’re here, and we’re just really trying to get them in homes as quickly as we can,” Jacobs said.

The staff wants the animals to find happy homes, and they also need to free up space.

“If somebody finds an animal in the road and they bring it in here, we need to have a place to put that animal so we can take care of it properly,” Jacobs said.

If you’re interested in finding a four legged friend, the shelter offers adoption counselors to help you find the right fit.

“Every summer is tough for us,” Jacobs said. “There’s a lot of breeding that goes on in the summer, and we get a lot of unwanted litters of kittens especially. People are bringing in baskets full of kittens.”

Adoption hours are

  • 11 AM – 5 PM Monday/Wednesday/Friday
  • 11 AM – 7 PM Tuesday/Thursday
  • 11 AM – 4:30 PM Saturday