“Out There…Somewhere”: Little horses can be big help

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EVANS, Ga (WJBF) – There’s nothing wrong with a little horsing around, and that’s what’s going on here at Porterfield farms in Evans.

Anywhere from 30…31…34 inches high, that’s about their maximum height they come. Teeny tiny,” says Co-owner April Porterfield.

Look closely, they’re horses of course. But not many hands high, they’re miniature Falabellas and you don’t find too many of those around here.

“There’s only about 18 hundred registered in the United States today and we have 22 of these guys,” says April.

And little horses have big personalities.

“They’re super friendly they know each of us and we know each of them,” says April.

“Now these horses are bred for show and for people who just love miniature horses. There also a new purpose for these horses and believe it or not it’s therapy.”

“They are one of two approved by the Americans with Disabilities act to actually be used as therapy animals,” says April.

So miniature horses are taking their places alongside therapy dogs visiting people who are helped by being with animals.

“They do, the biggest area we’re seeing it in is special needs children,” said April.

“We’re having more people calling. April fields calls maybe once or twice a week people who are looking for therapy horses,” said her husband Jamie.

Porterfield Farms doesn’t trains the horses for therapy but it’s helping to supply the growing demand for those wanting these little horses to have a big impact on making people happier and healthier.

Out There Somewhere in Evans, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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