“Out There…Somewhere”: Dogs delight at Boss Hog Cook-Off

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WAYNESBORO, Ga. (WJBF) – The ‘Gator Grillin’ team was fired up to mix it up at the Boss Hog Cook-Off

“This is a Kansas City competition rules & regulations barbecue competition,” said Melvin Colquitt, who says he’s from Hephzibah but is originally from Valdosta.

And for these competing teams there’s a list of rules to follow.

“They know where to be, when the turn in times are. You’re late, your entry is disqualified. So we don’t play,” said Nan Lynch, Co-Chair of the Boss Hog Cook-Off.

But you know what’s not against the rules, having dogs at the cook-off.

“The “Bird-dog Capital” of the world we love dogs in Waynesboro, Georgia we definitely welcome them,” said Lindsey Beazley, Co-Chair of the Cook-Off.

With a name like ‘Muttley Crew’ it’s not a surprise this team had two dogs, but they don’t wait under the grill to pounce on a fumble like mine do.

“We don’t drop anything but just in case we have our cleanup crew. They are trained, they know when brisket is coming off, they’re ready to taste,” said Shannon Turner, from Apex, North Carolina.

“We kind of put them inside in the air-conditioning. They would rather be in there. They’re not hovering under foot looking for scraps no we don’t want to trip over them,” said Wayne Blessing, a competitor from Pisgah Forest, North Carolina.

“They know pork, they know chicken, they know beef, they pretty much take it in stride. They know when it’s ready though,” said Seth Watari, of Summerville, South, Carolina who had his dog Piper.

We got the hot dog guy and these guys, but that’s ALL they have in common.

“They’re all beef I promise you there’s no dogs in there not even the little barker,” said Michael Wood, of Duggs Dogs.

There are mutts and smokin butts.

Out there somewhere in Waynesboro George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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