Narwhal to become ‘spokesdog’ for animals with special needs

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MISSOURI (CNN) – “Narwhal the little magical furry unicorn”… will be staying with the animal rescue where he’s at in Jackson, Missouri.

Little Narwhal was born with a tail on his forehead.

He was found in the freezing cold last month — and ended up at Mac’s Mission Rescue, which helps dogs with special needs.

Vets say Narwhal’s extra tail doesn’t cause him any pain — so it won’t be removed.

The center says “crowds of people” started showing up to see the puppy.

The founder of Mac’s Mission, told the Southeast Missourian — they decided it was in the Narwhal’s best interest for him to stay put — to ensure his safety after receiving ugly comments online.

The plan is for Narwhal to become a “spokesdog” for a “different is awesome” campaign.

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