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Horsing around at the Georgia-Carolina State Fair

AUGUSTA, G.A. (WJBF) -  At the 96th Georgia-Carolina State Fair, you can find good food and quick rides but this year there's something little out of the ordinary.

Horses Horses Horses is a horse variety performance group that travels all over the eastern United States for about 7 months out of the year.  The group showcases what regular size and miniature horses can do. 

The animals are trained to do a wide variety of tricks such as dancing and even weaving through poles, just like a dog.

"People see horses doing things in my show and they say wow I never knew a horse could do that," exclaimed trainer Lisa Dufresne.

Dufresne has been working with horses for most of her life. She said it's not hard to train the horses it just takes a lot of repetition and time. Dufrense trains them to do all of their tricks as well as to block out distractions when performing.

She said, "That takes a whole another year at least for when they come out here to work to when you can depend on them."

For some people at the Georgia-Carolina State Fair, this was their first time experiencing horses.

"It's like an entirely different experience. I've never grown up around animals but to see them, live horses and other animals are great," said Elizabeth Hicks.

The horses with Dufrense's variety show come from all over the world and her show includes some rescue horses. 

Dufrense told NewsChannel 6 that a little girl came up to her recently and said she didn't know miniature horses were real. Dufrense said the little girl's astonishment is the reason why she and her team love to perform. Although the most important thing for Dufrense is to make sure her horses love their job. 

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