GA family reunited with lost dog 8 years later

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ATLANTA (CNN) – A family near Atlanta is reunited with their dog… that has been missing for eight years.

They had no idea what happened to the pup after he disappeared without trace from their front porch.

“I’m just happy to get my dog back.”

Bailey Lawrence was about 5-years-old when her dog, “King”, went missing.

“I was in tears, I probably cried for weeks looking for him,” said Bailey.

The family thinks he was taken off their front porch in College Park.

“We went for him we looked for him we put up posters,” said Brendon Lawrence.

Bailey’s dad Brendon told us they never filed a police report, but were very suspicious since King was tied up.

“I mean after the first two or three days…I thought he was gone or maybe he had died or hit by car or anything…we didn’t know what might have happened.”

The family eventually lost hope, thinking they’d never see King again.

That is, until last week.

“You could tell he had been an outside dog.”

An animal control officer got a call about a stray dog in College Park.

“You could just tell his skin was in bad shape and needed a grooming.”

Fulton County Animals Services took him in and checked for a chip.

“While I was actually still on the phone with the microchip company, the owner got a notification on her phone. In thirty minutes she had her husband here.”

“I said ‘Bailey do you know who that is?'”

And after 8 long years apart…

“She looked, she opened the cage up and she just busted out into tears.”

Bailey, now 14-years-old, and King now a frail 10-years-old, are together again.

“It just brought up so many emotions. I was in shock.”

King had a collar with someone else’s phone number when he was found.

But the animal rescue says the chip proves ownership over a tag.

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