NEW JERSEY (CNN) – A Siberian husky with unusual eyes has been adopted after a Facebook post went viral.

Jubilee has an eyelid deformity that makes it appear as if she’s always surprised.

A breeder gave her to a non profit shelter in Matawan, New Jersey in 2018.

The breeder did not think Jubilee could be sold because she was too ‘weird looking’.

The veterinarians at the Husky House shelter gave her a thorough check-up.

Besides the strange expression on her face, Jubilee is normal and healthy in every other way.

But after two years, the shelter had no luck in finding a new home for Jubilee.

The shelter posted a photo on their Facebook page, hoping to find someone to adopt her.

And they were as surprised as the look on Jubilee’s face.

More than 150 people applied to adopt the 4-year-old husky.

Husky House announced on Saturday that Jubilee has found her forever home with a family that had previously adopted a dog from them.

Jubilee now has her own Facebook page for those that want to follow her! Click HERE to check it out!

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