Columbia County Woman’s Cat Missing From Pet Boarding Facility

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Columbia County, GA (WJBF) – A Columbia County woman wants to know what happened to her cat after she dropped it off at a pet boarding facility in Appling, Georgia.

Cindy Hennigan says The Bow Wow Hotel lost her cat, Anne, and two other cats during Masters Week.

Hennigan says she dropped her cat off at the boarding house the Friday before Masters Week and left town. She adds, when she was heading back on Championship Sunday, she got a phone call she wasn’t expecting. “You know, I’m probably not going to see her again, but I knew when I got home I was going to go out there and do everything I could to find her.”

About a year ago, Hennigan had adopted Anne from a close friend who passed away. “She’s a typical cat….independent. She comes to you when she wants you and when she doesn’t, she makes herself scarce, but she was a sweetie.”

Hennigan and her family went on vacation during Masters Week, so they decided to leave Anne at The Bow Wow Hotel in Appling. Nine days later, she says the business called to say her cat wasn’t in the cat room. “There had been a break-in and three cats were missing, and Anne was one of them. At that point, I was in so much shock I said, ‘I’ll have to call you back.'”

When Hennigan got to The Bow Wow Hotel, she says the staff told her they found the cat room window open, so they suspect a burglar broke in. However, investigators found no sign of forced entry or anything missing…just Anne and two other cats.

“Oh, my gosh, I cried for a while. It was surreal. This is not happening. This is unbelievable. How could this happen and then who, what kids would break-in and let cats go? I mean, all kinds of things go through your mind,” Hennigan said.

She says she later found out that the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office wasn’t even called until several days after the incident. She has also heard a different story about the incident from deputies and Columbia county Animal Services. “They think someone left the window open and a burglary, or a break-in, wasn’t even mentioned,” Hennigan said.

Hennigan searched for Anne, but hasn’t been able to locate her because the area is rural and wooded.

The facility didn’t charge Hennigan for the boarding, but for her, that just isn’t enough. “The first week, I was pretty much in shock. The second week, I was very sad, but I’m getting angry at this point. I want them to basically own that they were negligent. They made a mistake. Someone in that facility messed up,” Hennigan said.

Staff members at The Bow Wow Hotel tell us they are just as devastated by this loss as Cindy Hennigan. They say one of their pets is missing, as well.

As for Anne, Hennigan is hoping someone will recognize her from this story.

If you’ve seen the cat in the Appling area, please contact Hennigan at

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