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AC/DC the miracle puppy is up for adoption

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - Veterinarians at Saint Francis Animal Hospital say their phones have not stopped ringing since people heard the news AC/DC is up for adoption.

But they want to make sure the family that does bring him home meets the qualifications. 

AC/DC, the puppy that was tossed on the side of the road, is now fully recovered from his injuries and is ready to be adopted into a forever home. 

Jade Maaouia says the community has taken a liking to him.

"People were calling and checking on him, really wanting to get updates on him," said Maaouia. "Of course, asking when and if he would be available for adoption. The attention from the community has been, and we couldn't be happier."

There is an application process for those looking to make AC/DC a part of their family.

The first step is signing up with their wellness plan. Maaouia says they want to make sure he is getting the proper healthcare.

"Then the next phase will start," said Maaouia. "That's when we are going to look at home visits, phone interviews, and vet references. We want to make sure they have a history of keeping up with wellness visits."

The vet technician told NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson, they are selective on who takes AC/DC home because he has been through such a traumatic experience.

"We are human, and our hearts gets the best of us, and we want to do what's right and what's best," explained Maaouia. "What dogs ultimately need is someone who has the time to invest in them."

Maaouia says AC/DC is the perfect gift for Valentines Day.

"He's super playful, and he's an awesome dude," said Maaouia. "Anybody would be lucky to have him honestly."

If you are interested in making AC/DC a part of your family, applications can be submitted to the St. Francis Animal Hospital until February 18th.

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