AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF) – It’s Amazon Hiring Day and people in Augusta lined up at the doors of the Sheraton Hotel ready to secure a job.

It’s a chance for people to show up with the likelihood of walking away with a new job. 

“It’s National Amazon Hiring Day. We have candidates that are coming in we’re getting them through the application process, taking them through our hiring process here and then they’ll be leaving with an offer letter,” Staffing Team Lead Ermon Ward said.

The jobs they’re applying for are hands-on at the Amazon warehouse in the Augusta-Appling area.

“Once they’ve filled out their applications, we’ll have them go through the process. Start at our check-in station, take their badge photos, ultimately end with a drug test and then they got a job,” Ward said. 

Shawn Campbell, who was at the hiring site Wednesday morning, said his plans to move up the ladder with the company.

“Growing with a different company, especially a company as big as amazon, so that’s our main goal.” 

Amazon Staffing Team Lead Ermon Ward said her amazon story began during the pandemic. 

“I was able to keep a job during the pandemic, I saw so many associates in the warehouse that were able to come in, provide for their families at a time where the country was really hurting,” Ward said.

“Amazon is a physically demanding job, so I just want people to know when you get in the doors it may look big and scary– it’s a really fun work environment to be in– different associates, different managers, they’re all there to help you,” Ward said.