Welcome to episode 1 of “In Your Neighborhood.”

When I moved to Augusta, I realized everyone had something really special they were working on. Not only was it a special project, but also something that gave back to the CSRA where others could share.

I met Leonard “Porkchop” Zimmerman after seeing all of his work on http://makemyporkchop.com as well as the great work he’s done around town.

After interviewing so many people around the CSRA, I realized everyone has their own brand…but how do you market yourself? “Porkchop” was all over town: murals, stickers, buttons, you name it. He was also so subtle about it, so I was intrigued.

Jenna Kelley and “Porkchop” at the “Happy” mural Downtown

What did “happy” mean? Why a robot? How does everyone connect to it so easily?

After sitting down with him, I understood it. “Porkchop” is really a special guy, and has so much to offer in this world.

“If you can share something about someone else… do it!” -Leonard “Porkchop” Zimmerman.


Jenna Kelley