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LET ME TELL YOU! The Georgia Cyber Center is the future. When I found out about the The Clubhou.se’s existence, I had never been there before. It was amazing.

When I first heard of The Clubhou.se, I genuinely thought my web producer was sending me to a pool house, until I looked up what they do, and realized how in the dark I was about the whole cyber community.

Cyber seems almost like an alien world for people who don’t have military ties, or aren’t technology advanced (me). The Clubhou.se wipes away your fears and really creates a comfortable community for anyone of any age just simply trying to create and innovate ideas.

They have classes, office spaces, a conference room, instruction rooms for web development classes, and even, my favorite–a Maker’s Space. I mean seriously, they have a laser cutter that can cut through humans!! Okay, okay, I just mean that it’s a machine that is meant for cutting products made out of materials like wood… but it’s something I didn’t want to stick my hand in.

What’s so inviting is that they also hold many events like Beer and Bytes, or they have certain companies come in for networking purposes, as well as instructional purposes.

Meeting different Clubhou.se members, I felt, humanized the idea of cyber. Cyber, to me, is always looked at as a military-based secret, but the Clubhou.se does a fantastic job at incorporating the community as a whole to help them build brands, use social media for their platforms, and simply make products.

To the Georgia Cyber Center: please let me through security, always! I love it there.


Jenna Kelley

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