Are you fired up yet?

Okay, I’ll stop with the fire puns. I know they bring too much heat.

Walking the streets of downtown Augusta on First Friday’s is so much fun. Throughout the week, you see street performers that are musicians. On First Friday’s, there’s musicians, dancers, and, of course, Arcane Arts.

I did some research, and I realized the members of the fire troupe were beyond street performers. Imagine being a student in high school, seeing your teacher during the day, and a tenacious fire performer by night? I mean, how awesome is that?! Meeting the people behind the flames was on my to-do list.

They are such great people, finding ways to do what they love no matter what circumstance…and get this: Their shows are jam packed!!

Locals from all over are a part of this troupe, whether they are performing, an audience member, or even the Fire Marshall.

They’ve got a fire in their belly, and they’re willing to shine the light! If you see them, you may never know…it could be your local repair man, but please do say hi! They are wonderful.

Stay bright,

Jenna Kelley