Calling all my yogis!

To stay honest, this episode started off as a selfish idea. I really wanted to try aerial yoga and stumbled upon Space Yoga’s website.

I realized their yoga studio was so much more than just yoga. They have a nonprofit, called Project Create Space, where they tailor their classes to different demographics. For example: patients at AU, or women in prison, or even addiction and recovery.

The interview process. I love this photo.

When I reached out to Space Yoga, they told me about their recovery class that happens once a month. Those who choose to come can talk about anything and everything to release their trauma and heal with a yoga class.

They work closely with Focus on Recovery (FOR) Augusta to base their class off of the 12-step program.

In this episode, Space Yoga opens up about their practices, how yoga can change your lifestyle, and how it is so much more than just a “trend.” They work from trauma-informed practices and help others heal.

Me and Space Yoga Owner, Moniqua Coleman.

Little did I know my selfish aerial yoga passion blossomed into knowledge on mind, body, soul, training.

Aerial Yoga, a success!

Thank you, Space. This was one was fun!


Jenna Kelley