Get your juice on for episode 5!

I absolutely love the vibe in Humanitree House. The art, the music, and you can’t forget the acai bowls.

The African American culture reflected in all of the artwork and decorations was so intriguing. The name itself, Humanitree House, describes what they stand for… I wanted to know more.

I was floored when I found out Tucker’s husband, Baruti, who many know as “brother B”, hand painted all of the art canvases and wall murals.

Co-owner, Denise Tucker, and I had a refreshing conversation about worlds colliding, being yourself, sharing open minded ideas and acceptance. We discussed hardships faced and how those experiences help shape her business.

Attending the S.E.E.D. event on First Friday was not what I expected. I included the spoken word poem, because not only was hers said so beautifully, but it was revealing to the impact the place has on these kids. What wasn’t aired was the encouraging speech Brother B gave these kids: accept, prioritize and keep it moving.

Jenna Kelley and Denise Tucker

Their struggles are their beauty and make up the roots of the humani-Tree.

I hope you enjoy, keep an open mind and allow yourselves to have diverse and amicable conversations with others.

Thank you,

Jenna Kelley