This episode is really special to me. When I was thinking of doing the web series, I was talking with the Media Relations Coordinator for Augusta University, Chris Curry, at a story I did about a camp that welcomes kids battling cancer.

Most stories have what everyone knows to be “characters” or the emotion to the story. I started meeting these amazing people, that hurdled obstacles I couldn’t even imagine.

Curry was going through different ideas with me, and mentioned this “character” aspect. I wanted to put my own spin on it and thought, what if I go beyond the character and talked to the person who helped shape the character so-to-speak.

The Image Boutique was brought to my attention. All too often, people remember that one teacher that helped them learn cursive, or the person that gave them that extra doughnut out of the goodness of their heart.

Sherry Brooks, is someone people remember as the woman who helped others, and not just other women, but families, too, through their toughest times.

NewsChannel 6’s Jenna Kelley got fitted for a wig to see how natural they look!

Of all the stories Brooks told me, and all the heartbreak and hopefulness and success, she kept mentioning, “I don’t want these women to come back and volunteer for me. These women touched me, and I want them to only move forward.”

She put her skills to the ultimate test and showed these woman that they are still a woman even if their image slightly changes.

Jenna Kelley and Sherry Brooks at the Image Boutique

Onward and upward is the message here.

Stay wig-tastic, friends.

-Jenna Kelley