GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie said Sunday that he backs former Vice President Mike Pence’s decision to drop out of the 2024 Republican primary race.

“I want to say that Mike, you know, ran a tough race, a good race. It was very difficult for him. I think he made the right decision for he and his family to get out of the race. And look, I think in the end, it just means this race is narrowing, which everyone said that it would,” Christie said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“It never goes as fast as some folks would like, but it is narrowing, it’ll narrow more I suspect when we get to the debate stage in Miami. And I’m going to be ready to take on Donald Trump when people actually do start to vote in in New Hampshire in particular,” he said.

Christie said he believes the race will “consolidate” but that it was not up to him to tell other candidates when to get out of the race. He reiterated that he is the most outspoken candidate against former President Trump, who remains the front runner in the 2024 GOP primary.

“We have been consistent and strong. And that’s the kind of leadership American needs right now. Someone who’s a truth teller, consistently, every day,” he said.

Pence announced that he was dropping out of the race on Saturday at the Republican Jewish Coalition Conference. He had not yet qualified for the third presidential debate next month.

“It’s become clear to me it’s not my time,” Pence said during a speech. “I’ve decided to suspend my campaign for president effective today.”