North Augusta community supporting public safety officer battling colon cancer


North Augusta, S.C.- Sergeant Andy Cook of North Augusta Public Safety has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to protecting his city. Now, Sgt. Cook is fighting his own battle, and the community is returning the favor.

Lt. Tim Thornton with North Augusta public safety says, “You have to understand with law enforcement around the country, there’s usually more to them than just the man or the women in uniform,”

And that goes for husband and father of two, Sergeant Andy Cook. Known and loved for his service to the people of North Augusta, Sgt. Cook was diagnosed with colon cancer a few months ago.

“The coronavirus stepped in and kind of delayed and derailed some of his medical procedures, he’s had to work through those and complications from those medical procedures have created the situation that we’re in now,” Lt. Thornton said.

Even while on life support, the neighborhood hero is still making an impact.

“It’s good that’s it’s been brought to the attention of the public in this climate that we’re in right now, sometimes society might forget that we’re talking about human beings that have struggles just like everybody else,” he said.

Lt. Thornton says this shows how the community of North Augusta cares for its own.

“The community has stepped up. When they were made aware of the situation with the Cook family understanding that there is going to be bills to pile up and support for the family. Public safety takes care of their own, law enforcement takes care of their own, but in the situation, the community found out about it, the church that he’s a part of, the community he’s a part of, they all stepped up and wanted to do something to help,” says Lt. Thornton.

The support has been pouring in for the Cook family, on and offline.

Lt. Thornton says “It’s a great place to live because when someone is in need, people step up.

Local businesses are collecting funds to support the Cook family, and you can help too.

On Wednesday, April 28, Your Pie in North Augusta will be holding a benefit night for Sgt. Cook. A portion of the sales will go to the cook family.

We will continue to keep you updated as we learn more.

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