Doctors stress importance of early breast cancer screenings for black women


AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — Black women have the highest breast cancer deaths rates of all racial and ethnic groups. They are also more likely to develop breast cancer at a younger age.

Doctors at the Georgia Cancer Center said early detection is crucial for cancer survival — that’s why they’ve applied for a grant that would provide the funding to build a mobile mammography clinic to travel to women and increase screenings and early detection.

” If we can find breast cancer at the earliest stages when they’re very tiny or before they’ve even invaded, a woman’s 15 year survival with the proper treatment is more than 95 percent,” AU Chief of Imaging Dr. Michelle Lee said.

Lee said risk assessment is also a crucial part of early detection — most women start getting mammograms at age 40, but a risk assessment could determine you need a mammogram as early as age 25.

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