AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- One local man survived cardiovascular disease and wants to share his story with others. Wayne Canty partnered with Piedmont Augusta’s Heart Institute to be of service to people in the community.

A doctor at Piedmont Augusta saved Wayne Canty’s life.  And since he lived, he’s helping to save others. 

“Only thing that means to me is that we helping you purchase your medication and it’s just that simple,” Wayne Canty said.

After three open heart surgeries and receiving a heart and kidney transplant, Canty says  he knew he needed to pay it forward.

“When I was coming out of anesthesia, I had an epiphany at that time. And my epiphany was– it said ‘Wayne go out and open up a foundation,’ I didn’t have a clue on what that looks like; what the name of the foundation was gonna be– I didn’t have a clue,” Canty said.

Saturday evening was the first-annual Heart to Heart Prescription Assistance fundraiser dinner.

The event’s goal is to raise money to continue supporting people in the community. 

“What we do is simple. We help assist those who don’t have enough funds to pay for their medications,” Assistant Director Tammy Simmons said.

But on a day-to-day basis, Heart To Heart does so much more. 

“He movin’ us to pay for people’s medication. No matter if it’s North Augusta, Aiken, Grovetown, Columbia County– it don’t matter. Just because we’re in Richmond County, we’re here to reach people that need help,” Canty said.

Simmons says the organization’s mission is simple. 

“We don’t want people to make a decision between paying for their medication or eating,” Simmons said.

If you’d like to support or donate to Heart To Heart, visit.

The assistance is located at the Barney’s Pharmacy off of Peach Orchard Road.