Augusta University leader in developing breakthrough testing for COVID using saliva


Augusta, GA (WJBF) Researchers at Augusta University are one step closer to an easier to administer and less cause for error COVID test with saliva sampling.

Augusta University is one of 3 schools in the country working to develop a saliva test where the patient spits in a test tube.  Yale University along with Rutgers are also researching saliva testing, but AU believes it will be the first to offer the simplified method of COVID detection.

According to Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Phillip Coule, the saliva or spit test will takes away the discomfort of nasal and throat testing.  In fact, he says, the discomfort caused by the nasal and throat testing is quite possibly a deterrent to some people who are ill receiving the test.

This method also reduces the chance for specimen collection mistakes as the sample is produced by the patient without the possibility of having a device/swab break or coming back with an incomplete result due to collection error. 

It also helps the frontline health workers to have the saliva testing, Dr. Coule says having the patient give a sample by spitting in a test tube keeps health care officials from having to administer the test which saves on time, personnel, personal protective equipment as well as risk of having healthcare workers exposed.

Augusta University officials hope to rollout the saliva testing within the coming weeks.

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