Golden Apple: Victoria Price

Golden Apple

WAYNESBORO, Ga. (WJBF) Victoria Price got the teaching bug when she was growing up.
“My mother was a teacher. It was in the family. I had gone to work in Atlanta while I was in college, in business. And I started to figure out that’s not what I wanted to do. I wanted to go back to high school.

She says she wanted to help children get through the high school experience.

“I was kind of a lonely kid in school and the drama area was a place where I felt at home. And so I went back to be a drama teacher.”
And life as a drama teacher is very busy. Especially when we’re not deaing with a pandemic.
“When we’re under normal circumstances, I direct plays here until about 6:30 at night. That’s weeks at a time. We do 2-3 shows a year. And we have groups come in and we do technical work.”
Victoria Price has planted the seeds of excellence in her students for 37 years now. She reaps lots of rewards.

“Seeing them grow. Seeing them gain confidence and not be afraid to present and do their capstones, their senior projects so successfully.”
And her students have seen a great deal of success. You can find them working across the country using the skills she taught them.
“It’s fantastic to watch that growth.”

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