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Math is not everybody’s cup of tea. For some students, it’s a tough subject. And that’s just fine in Torri Williams math class.
“Just let them know that it’s okay to make a mistake,” Williams says. “I try to create an environment where it’s okay to make a mistake because it is intimidating.”
Ms. Williams lets her students work in groups. There’s strength in numbers and she loves watching them succeed together. Because if they can crunch the numbers in here, they’ll do just fine when they leave campus.
“We start off with something simple. I tell them even if you’re just grocery shopping, and we’re talking about how much money you have to spend, what you want to purchase. We were doing systems of equations and how that relates to everyday types of situations.”
Ms. Williams is also known as someone who cares about her kids’ well-being. She has a heart for them. She gets that from her mother.
“Just something that was taught at a young age. She always pushed forward no matter what. No matter how tough the struggle got, she always pushed forward. So I always kind of put myself in those kids’ place.”
“I had some significant role models in my school and my church. I always hope to be a positive role model to kids who might not have had that anywhere else.”
And at the end of the day, Torri Williams knows she’s made a difference. She knows that she’s contributed to a solid foundation for her students at Glenn Hills High School.
“Just to see kids move forward,” she says. “We hear a lot of negative things about our students. To really get that good feedback and to feel that I had an impact at all.”

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