AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Tim Johnson handles a lot of duties at Curtis Baptist. He teaches History. He coaches sports. We caught up with him teaching a great group of seniors in his Economics class.

“We’re discussing corporations and partnerships and LLC’s and all that,” Johnson says. “Different businesses, and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both of them. And they’re basically in groups creating their own business plan.”

Mr. Johnson is tireless. An approach he adopted because of several influences in his life.
“I had a really great family that pushed work hard. I’ve had some other teachers as well. I had a professor named Lexi Wiggins who was basically there for me on anything I ever did.”

Mr. Johnson’s lesson plan is more than just lectures and learning. Faith is a key part of his curriculum.

“Even with bad days, knowing that there’s something, a Higher Power that can easily get me through. Especially the same thing for them, because they go through things and so do I. And so, just knowing that God is continually there for me, changes everything for me on a daily basis to be honest with you.”

Before he decided to go into teaching, Mr. Johnson dabbled in improv and stand up comedy. And even though it was a lifetime ago, he can still summon that skillset to help him in the classroom.

“Wow God put me here in a teaching atmosphere, I’m in front of a stage, I’m here doing this. And when I got into coaching, that was the same exact thing. I’ve never done anything else pretty much other than that.”

Soon these seniors will graduate and leave Tim Johnson’s classroom behind. But his belief in them will never fade.

“God is always with you a hundred percent of the time,” he says. “And so you can always look back on that and know. And I want them to hear that, you’re going to fail at times. It’s okay. I still fail at many things to this day. And that’s alright. But knowing that that’s a Truth that will never run away, is that He’s always there for you along the way.”