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Golden Apple

Another great day for students fortunate enough to have Teariney Tobin as their teacher at Kelly Edwards Elementary. 
“We are working on using informational text features,” Tobin says. “We’ve learned all about our features. We’ve taken all kinds of notes on them.  So now we’re incorporating reading and informational text and using the text and the text features to help them answer questions.”
Ms. Tobin rarely stands still. It’s a very effective way to keep her students dialed in. 
“The more movement the better.  I can keep them with me, keep them focused. If I’m darting across the classroom, they’re looking at me. They’re not sleeping. They don’t have their heads down. And I think it makes it more fun for them which makes the learning more fun for them too.”
The Smart TV is also a key component of the lesson plan. 
“They love it. Anything that we do where they get to write on it, or if we’re playing some kind of game, they get to use the apps on it.  It’s really helpful. Technology is becoming such a huge thing.  All the kids know how to use it. They can work it better than me most of the time.”
They may only be in third grade but you can tell these bright youngsters are getting ready for lots of success. 
“We spend a lot of the first couple of weeks, really trying to transition them into being more independent, into thinking a little bit more maturely. We do a lot of guiding to try to help them through. They catch on after a while. It takes some time, but they get it.”
They get it thanks to the dedication of Teariney Tobin.  A teacher who gives her all to make sure her students get the most out of their time with her. 
“I think it comes from the passion,” she says. “I love what I do. And I think you have to love what you do in order to get up every morning and really want to do it.  I put so much of myself into everything that I do so I come in here and I think that if I can pour out all of me, hopefully I can make a difference.  Just that alone most of the time drives me to come here and do what I do every day.” 

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