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Golden Apple: Tayler Norwood

Martinez, GA - Tayler Norwood gives credit to her family, and her fellow educators when it comes to her career choice.
"My grandfather was a music teacher," Norwood says. "But also it was a very heavy influence of all the band directors that I had growing up."
Today her Stallings Island 7th graders are learning the counting system.
"As far as how we read music, it's not just how high or how low the notes should go, but how long they should last for."
You don't have to be an accomplished musician to excel in Mrs. Norwood's class. Many of her 6th graders don't know a thing about music.
"It's kind of like jumping straight into Algebra before learning multiplication, addition, and subtraction. It's a lot at one time. But we take baby steps. We go slow and make sure that everybody understands what we're doing before we move on."
And when they do move on, their progress is profound.
"Huge growth. A year, it's amazing what can happen in a year. Especially with 6th graders. They go from, having never even known what half of the instruments are, to being able to play a 20-minute concert for their parents in the Spring."
What a wonderful job by Tayler Norwood. A teacher who loves music and loves watching others get better at it each day.
"Last year at our Spring concert, the kids who are sitting behind you, we played a piece that was probably a little bit harder than most 6th grade beginning  bands would play," she says.   It was so fun. There's just a very big sense of accomplishment and excitement when they can pull off a task like that. At the end of the year, it's an overwhelming, exciting kind of feeling that we were able to do so much."

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