Martinez, GA (WJBF) – What an awesome responsibility. Teaching pre-kindergarten. Tara Freeman does not take it lightly.

“I’m their first impression of school,” Freeman says. ” So, I actually love that I get to use a little bit of theatre in the classroom. Because that’s kind of what it is. It’s all about entertaining, and learning and teaching in a way that makes everything memorable.”

And her approach is working. She sees it in the way the students grasp the daily lessons. She sees it in so many other ways as well.

“I can tell through conversation, through the way they enter the classroom, through the way they converse with their friends on the playground, their family.”

Ms. Freeman sees so much progress in such a short time.

“It’s amazing to see what they walk in knowing, and what they leave with.”

And they carry that knowledge and appreciation of academics with them forever.

“Last year I got my first graduation invitation to go and see a student. I did have to sit down for a minute. I felt rather dinosaur-y. However, very flattered to know that I was, what he said was his beginning and love of school.”

Isn’t that what it’s all about? Students and teachers working together to make a lifelong connection.

“I would love for them to just look back and remember school as a wonderful place,” she says. “A safe place. A place where happy spirits began and just continue.”