Golden Apple: Susan McNeill

Golden Apple

Susan McNeill has dedicated her entire career, nearly a quarter century to Belvedere Elementary School.
“I’ve never left here because I love the faculty that I work with,” McNeill says. “We are a second family. The community is wonderful, the kids are great. It’s just a really great place to come and work every day.”

She teaches 4th grade and she works hard to capture and keep the students’ attention.
“We just try to make plans that are engaging. We try to make it a comfortable learning environment. And let them know we want them to be here. We’re happy they’re here. I care that they learn and I want them to know that I care that they learn.”
That’s not always easy considering the distractions that are out there.
“They’re so much more connected to the world and what’s going on and to each other. It’s harder to keep them engaged because you’re competing against videos and graphics and things that are out there nowadays that we didn’t have 25-years ago.”

Mrs. McNeill will tell you she could not do this job without her 2nd family at Belvedere.
“It’s really important that we can lean on each other and we can get ideas and we can have each other for support,” she says. “It means a lot that when I come in I’m not alone.”
And her reward? Just seeing her students progress and succeed year after year.
“That helps me feel like I’m doing the right thing, and want to continue to help others.”

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