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Golden Apple

WAYNESBORO, Ga (WJBF) Stephanie Jones gets to witness a lot of progress here at Blakeney Elementary School. She also knows there are many more light bulb moments off campus.
“The children just take what we learn in the classroom and apply it to real life,” Jones says. “And the characters become real and the things I teach them become real and they share the figurative language at home and it’s just such an honor.”
Ms. Jones has come a long way with her relationship with reading.
“I was the child that did not like reading. I thought I didn’t like reading. I just couldn’t find what I like to read. That’s why I’m so passionate about building a love of reading, fostering a love of reading. Wanting every child to have that lost in book feeling. You know, when you’re reading so much you don’ t want to put it down. How that happens is you have to find what author, what series.”
And it’s not just the kids who have homework. Ms. Jones lives this job. It’s her true passion.
“I was reading my story for next week last night. I’ve already read it 3 times. Just preparing, reading through it several times. What do I see? What do I pull out? How can I make this engaging? What is our writing assignment going to be? I’m always thinking about it.”
But the best part of teaching isn’t the lessons. It’s not even the great team Ms. Jones is a part of here at Blakeney. No, the best part is the connection with the kids. Bright young minds destined for greatness.
“The students. This children. I’m so excited to have them in the classroom,” she says. “To get to know them. For them to get to know me. Just the kids, and forming a relationship with them.”

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