FAIRFAX, S.C. (WJBF) – Shernette Morgan has come a long way. Her journey to Allendale started back home.”

Being in Jamaica working for almost 18-years in the system, I hear all the teachers talking about the experience in America,” Morgan says. “So I wanted to spread my wings as well, and decided to apply.”

That application lead her to Allendale-Fairfax Middle School. She teaches Social Studies to 6th graders.

“My first year was rough. But after I get to know them, I know that you cannot teach these children without love. If you don’t have love, you can’t teach them.”

That love goes a long way. It helps her students believe that they can accomplish anything.

“I want the society to be better. Because I’m going to be a part of it. So if I can raise up doctors, and lawyers, and nurses, and people in a profession that I know, I’m going to need you, and who can help the next family member, so that’s what I’m teaching them. I am here now, your mother is in a situation, you’re going to be the person to take your parents out of that.”

Ms. Morgan’s dedication and passion for this job is so strong, on and off campus.

“When I go home sometimes I can’t sleep. Did Johnny get what I was teaching? Okay, how am I going to help Johnny? I keep thinking about each of them. How can I make this lesson individually to each of them so that they can get it, so that they can be a better person? And my aim here is to get them to be better readers. So once they can read, understanding will be no problem.”
Congratulations Shernette Morgan. She keeps the entire Allendale community going strong, one student at a time.

“For me, I get satisfaction to see them grow,” she says. “Their growth academically and otherwise.”