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Golden Apple

When we stopped by River Ridge, Ronda Masters was making sure her students took their reading skills to the next level.
“They are learning to read for comprehension and to really dig into what they’re reading, Masters says. “So that they understand everything that the story is trying to teach them.”
Many of these students are very familiar with Mrs. Masters’ ways. They had her for 2nd grade and she switched to third grade this year.
“We’re just taking baby steps. We’re adding a little bit more every day. We’re pushing a little bit more every day and we’re trying to have fun doing it. And that’s the most important thing.”
Mrs. Masters will be the first to tell you, it’s a team effort here. She leans on parents and caregivers to help her get the job done.
“They help send things in so we can make more fun and interesting lessons. They encourage their kids to do homework. They encourage their kids to read. They encourage them to just love school.”
And even though she’s in charge of an entire class, she still takes time to build strong individual relationships.

“You have to get to know your kids quickly, and understand their strengths and their weaknesses, and use their strength to build on their weaknesses. And you encourage them. Some kids need encouragement, some need pushing. You just have to figure out what they need to get them where they need to be.”
Congratulations Ronda Masters. A veteran teacher, and such a positive force in these childrens’ lives.
“Sometimes the kids will say something and I’ll say, ‘ah, this is why I do this,’ or sometimes you’ll look at the growth reports from the beginning of the year until the end of the year and you’ll say wow, we came this far,” she says. “Or maybe it’s something a parent says to you, an e-mail they send you. Just different things. You get overwhelmed sometimes. So then you have these nice things happen and it just keeps you going.”

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