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Golden Apple

Agriculture class may not be in the school spotlight as much as some other subjects, but just try living without it.

“If we didn’t have Agriculture, we’d all be naked and hungry,” teacher Rick DuBose says. “And that would not be a good thing, I don’t think for a lot of people. It is definitely something that we all need to appreciate. But we also need to look for the future, and how are we going to feed billions of more people by the year 2050 or beyond?”

Rick DuBose grew up working on a farm and had an Ag teacher who influenced him lead these students at Thomson HIgh School. 
“Today we were talking about game birds. A few of the game birds in Georgia. The different hunting seasons, the different bag limits, possession limits on these birds. Trying to educate the students on what they need to know if they’re hunters already or not.” 
They’re also learning how technology plays a big role in the agriculture business today.
“From the irrigation systems to harvesting to planting. Just this morning I was talking to my horticulture class about using drones to do inventory on plants and nurseries and farms. Very high tech now.”
And while these young people may not all grow up to be farmers, they are all learning skills to last a lifetime. 
“If they can just leave here with a greater appreciation for agriculture, for what we have in our natural resources here in Georgia, that’s great. But a lot of them do, I have kids who go into landscape managment, AG education. I have one here locally teaching Agriculture now.”
All because of the influence and impact of Rick Dubose. A great teacher sowing the seeds for success at Thomson High School. 
“Seeing students succeed is definitely number one,” he says. “Seeing them grow and learn and appreciate more. And just seeing them later in life being sucessful whether it’s in Agriculture or any other industry.” 

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