Graniteville, SC (WJBF)

Paula Cypress and her Byrd Elementary School second graders are hard at work. They’re doing some research to tie into a recent lesson.

“We’ve been studying about biographies,”Cypress says. “And there are some good resources on Epic and Pebble Go, and they know all about that. They’re looking for some information on the person they’ve chosen to do their biography on.”

Yes, those are laptops you see. Second graders already mastering the world of technology.

“It’s fabulous. It opens doors that we couldn’t in the past. They probably teach me things. It’s a natural for them to know how to use it. They pick it up very quickly.”

Mrs. Cypress watches these students become better readers and listeners every day.

“We had testing before Christmas. Every child in my class made growth. They set goals for themselves and some of them exceeded their goals, so I was very proud.”

And even after decades in the classroom, Paula Cypress has the energy and enthusiasm she did when she started this career.

“I have great administrators,” she says. “I have a love for children that calls me to go into education. And that love and the love of seeing them learn, I get as excited as they do at the beginning of every year.”