Golden Apple: Nicole Mance

Golden Apple

Nicole Mance has some strong ties to Douglas Elementary School and to this very room. 

“I love the family atmosphere here and I feel like I know, mostly, every kid that walks through the door,” Mance says. “I know their family and I have some kind of ties to knowing something about them. Also, I did my student teaching in this very room too. So, it was amazing that I got a job in this classroom in this school.”

She’s been doing an amazing job with her 1st graders for 20 years now. A lot of successful students have come through here. 

“When we go a lot of times to the high school, and we get to see the kids that are in the plays, and doing all the productions, usually they started out here at Douglas. I am so amazed. They inspire me to think what more can I do?”

Mrs. Mance is surrounded by a loving, supportive team here at Douglas, and at home. 
“They’ll never know how much that means. If it weren’t for my family and my school family, I’d have a hard time getting through any hard times. I know that coming here is what I need to do, what I’m supposed to do. It makes it that much easier.”

Take a good look at these future leaders. They’re going places, thanks to the life lessons they get from Nicole Mance and her colleagues at Douglas Elementary School. 

 “I think it’s more important to talk about what kind of people they want to be instead of what they want to be in life, because that changes,” she says. “But if they’re solid as people and they’re good people, I want them to go on. I want them to care about people. I want them to care about themselves. I just want them to keep growing after what they’ve learned here in first grade.” 

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