Golden Apple: Missy Johnson

Golden Apple

Missy Johnson had an early interest, a very early interest in her career.
“Teaching to my stuffed animals at 3 and 4 years old. I started teaching from the time I could talk and walk,” Johnson says. “My mom bought me a little chalkboard easel.”
Ms. Johnson loves her job at Harlem Middle School.
“I never know what to expect. Every day is a new challenge and learning experience for me. These kids truly keep me young and keep my mind active. I keep engaged with them and they engage with me. I just love the relationship aspect of this age.”
So how do you keep 6th graders focused? There are so many distractions at this age.
“Through the technology, through reading great books, learning how to analyze literature and write about it and understand who I am as a person, and I’m growing during this tumultuous time, makes it a whole lot of fun for all of us.”

And Missy Johnson makes sure she has a strong connection wtih each child.
“Climate is everything. Building a relationship with these wonderful students right here is why I’m here every day. I love talking to them, learning about them. I’m a people person in general. So, just the aspect of teaching where I get to talk and engage with my students is one of the most wonderful.”
Ms. Johnson makes sure the middle school years are some of the very best for her students. And she enjoys every minute of it.
“Watching them grow as people through 6th, 7th, and 8th grades as athletes, as musicians, it’s really a pleasure and a joy to get to know them personally and build that relationship with me,” she says. “And I always tell them, once you’re my student you’re always my student. And really, they’re not just my student, they’re my kids.”

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