Golden Apple: Michaela Murray

Golden Apple

It may look like playtime in this classroom, but make no mistake, this is a huge part of the lesson plan for Michaela Murray.
“Play is an integral part of learning in Pre-K,” Murray says. “They pick which center they want to go to. The play dough is forming small motor skills, with the squeezing and things like that. The building of things makes them think about how things go together and how they can make things work together.”
Her students make a ton of progress during their first year at Waynesboro Primary School. 
“They don’t know how to carry a lunch tray, they don’t know how to walk in a line, they don’t know how to share, they don’t know how to be sweet to each other. By the end, we go out as a family. They all work together. They can write sentences. Some of them can read words. We know our letters, and we didn’t know that at the beginning. Most of them can count to 100.” 

Mrs. Murray works hard to make sure these students have a positive first impression of school.

“My philosophy is if I can let them have a good year their first year, then they’re goign to love school the rest of their life. And so we try to do a lot of fun activities, a lot of things that involve their parents, a lot of things that they’ll actually enjoy while they’re learning, so that when they get to kindergarten, they’ll already like school.”
And after they leave here? The sky is the limit thanks to the great foundation they get from Michaela Murray. 
“My hope for every student who comes through my class is just that they’re successful,” she says. “So whatever they choose to do, go to college, or go to a trade school, that they’re happy in life and that they’re successful in life, that they are a productive part of society. That they just enjoy what they do and they love what they do, and they can share that with other people, just like I love to teach and I share it with them.” 

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