Golden Apple: Mark Brown

Golden Apple

Mark Brown makes the past come to life in his History classes at Warren County High School.
“You gotta make the connections from the past to now, so that they can relate to it,” Brown says. “You have to keep it relatable so that they’re interested. You’re up around the room. It helps to be animated. It helps to hold their attention. I use a lot of video clips, songs, short movie clips, things like that.”
When he’s not teaching History and Government, you can find Mr. Brown on stage.
“I’ve done a lot of things with the Augusta Players. A lot of things out at Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre.”
He has a passion for acting. A passion that serves him well when he’s at work.
“This is kind of just like that. You get up in front of an audience every single day. Especially with History, it’s one long story that doesn’t stop. So you get to re-live that story every single day and bring them into that story.”
Another big key to his success? His wife. She’s also a Warren County teacher.
“No one understands the job a teacher does, more than another teacher. So when you’re living it with someone, we get to go home, bounce ideas off of each other, talk about our day.”
Days that are filled with lots of rewards. Lots of moments that let Mark Brown know that he made the right choice when he answered the call to teach.
“It’s seeing them be successful. It’s seeing them understand something,” he says. “Seeing that moment when they get something. Helping them not just as a teacher but as another human being. Teaching them that the world is not always an easy place. But if you put in the work now, you can make the world a better place and you can make it a little easier on yourself and others.”

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