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Golden Apple: Marissa Powers

Warrenton, GA (WJBF)

 You know you're good at your job when you find a way to make a lessons enjoyable and educational. That's why stretchy bands are such a big hit in Marissa Powers' Math class.
"We've been learning about polygons, quadrilaterals, triangles, and we were using them to show what we know and look at what we've been doing in just kind of a different and fun way," Powers says.
It sure beats staring at a textbook or smartboard all day.
"I find that the more that I can get them hands-on, up, moving, doing math, the easier it is for them to understand it. They can internalize it."
Ms. Powers knows that she has a lot on her shoulders here at M.E. Freeman Elementary School. She's the only thing standing between these children and middle school and she has to do her part to get them ready.
"As a team, all of our 5th grade teachers, that's one of the things that we focus on throughout the year, is really preparing them for middle school. Upping ou rigor,  upping their responsibility, and they've really risen to the challenge."
If you spend just a few minutes in Ms. Powers' classroom you can tell that teaching is in her DNA.
"My grandmother was a teacher. My great-grandmother was a teacher. I have many family members that are teachers. One of the things they instilled in me from a very early age was learn. Learn about everything. Explore. Do. Read."
Another great day in Marissa Powers' classroom. A day filled with progress for the students, and rewards for their teacher.
"Seeing them grow. Seeing them improve. Seeing them succeed," she says. "Seeing them  happy. It is the best thing ever.  When you get to change the life of a child., there's nothing better. And that's my reward."


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