STAPLETON, Ga. (WJBF) – Marcellus Hannah has always enjoyed math. And even though everyone may not share that sentiment, he knows the subject, and his job, are important.

“Math is something we can’t hide from or get away from,” Hannah says. “So I’ve always had a liking to it. And Math teachers are hard to find.”

And thank goodness Mr. Hannah found this career, this calling. He’s been teaching for 32 years.

“Math is actually in every thing that you do. Even going to the grocery store. Or winning the lottery. A lot of people who win the lottery wind up broke later. And that’s because of math skills. Math skills are important for pretty much everything.”

Mr. Hannah loves his students and his colleagues here at Jefferson County Middle School. A love that has kept him from calling it a career after more than 3 decades.

“It’s actually time to go home. But the kids keep me wanting to come back. I have to play it year by year for now. But I just enjoy teaching. There’s nothing like that feeling when a child gets a concept, especially if they’re struggling with it. “

There have been lots of light bulb moments in Marcellus Hannah’s classroom. And hopefully there will be many more, when the next school year begins.

“It just keeps driving me to come back,” he says. “Until I realize I’m old, okay? (laughs)