Golden Apple: Lynne Harling

Golden Apple

Lynn Harling teaches first grade at Warrenville Elementary School. She wasn’t too much older than these children when she chose her career path. 
“I knew from the time I was in third grade that I wanted to be a teacher,” Harling says. 

Mrs. Harling is so much more than just a leader in a classroom. She’s a positive presence in her students’ lives. 
“Just knowing that there are children who need another voice, another ear so that they can have a voice, so that they can feel loved and feel like they are wanted and needed and can be successful.”
She’s been hard at work for more than 30 years. She’s educating her second generation of children now. 
“I know that I am seeing children of students that I’ve had before. I have 3 this year, whose parents I’ve taught before.”
Families all over this community who are benefiting from her. 
“I hope the one thing that they carry with them is that they are loved and they matter and they have the potential to be what God wants them to be.”
And when she’s not teaching students, she’s helping her fellow teachers. She stands ready to do whatever it takes to let them know that they are a key part of an amazing profession.  
“I do like to encourage young teachers,” she says. “I have a daughter who’s a third grade teacher this is her second year. I do care about where the teaching profession is going. I do care about whether teachers are heppy. I hope that they see that they’re doing a lot more than just putting grades in a grade book or grading tests. They are making a difference in the lives of children and I hope that they are encouraged by that.” 

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